Facilities Management

Let our skilled Human Resources team be your employment solution. We offer Facilities Management services including:

Employment Screening

Look beyond a resume.  What you know about an applicant can look and sound good; What you don’t know could destroy your company. By making a minimal financial investment we can help assure you of a good hiring decision.  Before you make an employment offer, let us check for red flags.

Drug & Alcohol Screening

TSS is proud to enter into a partnership with eScreen, Inc., to become an active member of the eScreen Occupational Health Network (EOHN). eScreen offers the first instant, automated, on-site drug-testing device, which provides negative results within minutes versus the industry standard of forty-eight to seventy-two hours eScreen’s system uses advanced proprietary technology, including the eCupTM and eReader(TM), and is able to perform the functions of EMIT laboratory screening at the point of sample collection. The eScreen family of products includes the MyeScreen.com application, which enables customers to instantly access and manage employee test results, in real time, via the Internet.

On-Site / On-Call Services

Let Technical Staffing Solutions come to you and reduce your drug testing cost and liability by performing on-site testing.  TSS offers a variety of DOT and non-DOT collection and testing programs that can fulfill your program and policy requirements.

Do you ever need a drug screen performed in the middle of the night or on the weekend? TSS is on call, and on demand for you! We can provide a variety of dot and not dot collections on an on call basis. Additional fees apply.

DOT Testing

Does your company fall under Department of Transportation (DOT) regulations?  If so, it is mandatory to institute and maintain a DOT-compliant drug and alcohol testing program. TSS Facilities Management is designed to assist your company in meeting those regulations.

Safety Training

Make sure that you are prepared when an emergency or accident happens. Seconds can be the deciding factor when an employee suffers a heart attack, sustains a severe burn or is exposed to dangerous chemicals. Ensure that you and your employees can receive assistance quickly by having sufficient amount of trained staff.