Professional Staffing Solutions

Technical Staffing Solutions (TSS) specializes in the placement of technical, research, development, operations, logistics, finance, allied health and engineering candidates up to and including director level executives for a wide variety of industries. Our primary purpose is to expose your companies to the top talent in the marketplace. We pride ourselves on the knowledge of the key players within the manufacturing and service industries.

At TSS, our recruiters serve clients and candidates with integrity. We offer the most ethical, professional standard in the industry. Because we consider our candidates and clients to be our partners in the recruiting process, we take a personal approach and remain committed to delivering high-quality work. We listen to the needs of our clients and candidates and work quickly to maximize opportunities.

The TSS team of dedicated professionals has over 25 years of combined human resource experience, giving you confidence that you are receiving professional, confidential and knowledgeable. TSS is taking the staffing service to the next level by focusing on meeting the demands for all your human resource needs and providing the highest level of customer service.

TSS has a wide variety of professionals ready to be submitted to your company with experience in:

  • Banking
  • Management
  • Engineering
  • Human Resources
  • Accounting
  • Call Center
  • Office Support
  • Purchasing
  • Customer Service Representative
  • Quality Control
  • Information Technology
  • Finance
  • Administration

Direct Hire

One of the most difficult tasks that hiring authorities face is finding qualified employees who would be a good match for their company. Here at Technical Staffing Solutions we remove the headache of candidate searching by bringing excellent candidates directly to our clients. With our world wide recruiting capabilities and state of the art technology, we guarantee we can find someone to fill any need. We guarantee that all presented candidates have been pre-qualified before their first presentation to the client. This assures clients that their time is not wasted with many candidates but few potential matches.

We act as a messenger between clients and candidates to arrange convenient interviews, necessary pre-screening, and an agreeable salary. We can arrange and accommodate requests for pre-employment drug and alcohol testing, background checks, credit checks, social security number verification, and other screens upon request. Remember, what you know about an applicant can look and sound great, but what you do not know can destroy your company. Allow Technical Staffing Solutions to find and qualify your new employees and we guarantee that you will not be disappointed!

Your Company’s success and future depends on people!


Our Guarantee:

Access to Top Talent in Market Place

“72% of clients believe that the quality of temporary employees they get from staffing companies is the same as or better than the quality of their regular employees” -ASA


“Employers that have flexibility in adjusting labor requirements to meet product and service demands have a competitive edge over those with less flexible human resources policies.”—U.S. Department of Labor

“Increasing reliance on contingent workers results in increased operating performance…and a lack of increased systematic risk.” —Decision Sciences

Cost Efficient

“Our hourly rates usually cost less than the combination of salary, payroll costs and fringe benefits for a full-time employee on your company payroll.” — Christina Finley-Owner/CEO The Job Shop

Significantly reduce your expenses for workers compensation through effective claims management. –ASA


That brings us to which staffing firm to choose. You could choose between a large, multinational company, or a local firm right down the street—each has its benefits, and reaching out to the right firm is essential.

Choosing the right firm can ensure that your company enjoys uninterrupted productivity regardless of the scenario. You need to work with someone you trust. Building a relationship with the right firm is the most important step in getting the quality service you deserve.

We believe the choice is clear… Technical Staffing Solutions

Our Process

TSS is Centered on Quality! TSS is aimed at embedding awareness of quality in all organizational processes. Our company requires that quality remain standard in all aspects of business, we ensure things are done right the first time and that wastes are eliminated from operations.

A well defined process is key to finding and securing top talent. After years of experience and many successful searches, we know how to find and secure talent and help you achieve superior results — quickly.

  • Provide us with a detailed Job Description
  • TSS will tailor a search strategy to meet your need
  • Our team of Recruiters will begin to identify potential candidates
  • Interview and qualify prospects. Check Background and Reference Verification
  • Select the “Top” candidates
  • Presentation of candidates with detailed resume or profile
  • Provide assistance in arranging client/candidate interviews
  • Assist in the selection of Candidate and Finalize Offer