On-Site / On-Call Services

Are on-site collections right for you?

  1. Are you paying your employees while they are traveling to and from the collection site, and for the time they are waiting for their test to be administered?

  2. How much productivity are you losing while your employee is traveling and waiting at the collection site?

  3. How much liability do you incur while your employee is traveling to and from the collection site?
When you send your employees to another location to be tested, you are not only paying for the drug test, you are paying for your employee’s time and productivity loss.

The Solution


Let Technical Staffing Solutions come to you and reduce your drug testing cost and liability by performing on-site testing.  TSS offers a variety of DOT and non-DOT collection and testing programs that can fulfill your program and policy requirements.

Do you ever need a drug screen performed in the middle of the night or on the weekend? TSS is on call, and on demand for you! We can provide a variety of dot and not dot collections on an on call basis. Additional fees apply.